Sketchy Sunday: Remy

This week’s sketch is of Remy from Pixar’s “Ratatouille.”  It’s one of the best films from the animation studio.  Again, sorry about the blue lines.  I have a backlog of drawings that I did during breaks at an old job, and they started off pretty impromptu, hence the lined paper.

Remy Ratatouille_Movie_Remy

Sketchy Sunday: Gollum

This week’s sketch is of Gollum (or Smeagol, if you prefer).  I based the drawing on a still from the famous scene in “The Two Towers” where the character has a conversation with himself.  Apologies for the blue lines.  They’re wicked, tricksy…false!

Gollum-smaller Gollum actual-smaller

Sketchy Sunday: Totoro

I’ve always been a sketcher, so I thought I would use the blog to showcase some of my work.

A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of seeing “My Neighbor Totoro.”  It’s a wonderful Japanese film that captures childhood’s sense of play and imagination better than most.  It’s made with so much care and patience, with a late-blooming subplot involving our protagonists’ mother being the only real sign of a more standard, histrionic children’s film.  Totoro is a mystical forest creature that our two protagonists, sisters, attach themselves to.  I whipped up this sketch the day after seeing it.


Looking at it now, he’s ever so slightly lopsided.  This annoys me to no end.