Trust me. I’m the Doctor.

Ever have a case of the Mondays?  If you live in Los Angeles, there’s an antidote for that.  A good friend of mine, Brian Saa (he’s the guy below who’s not James Corden), organizes a Doctor Who Happy Hour called Gallidays.  It’s a spin on Gallifrey, which is the home world of the titular character.  On the first Monday of every month, District Pub in North Hollywood hosts a screening of an episode with drink specials.

Brian Saa

For those who don’t know, “Doctor Who” is a BBC show that has aired off and on (mostly on) since 1963.  The premise: a Time Lord explores time and space in his TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), which happens to look like a police box.  The Doctor embarks on adventures with a companion, always a young woman from Earth.  And he can regenerate…which is how the series has lasted and why so many actors have played the character.

TARDIS smaller

Both Brian and I came to the show through our mutual friend, Ben.  He’s contributed to the blog on a couple occasions (click here for our discussion of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and here for some of his favorite Mystery Science Theater episodes).  Ben devised a road map for Doctor Who virgins.  It starts with the first season that starred Matt Smith (Series Five*).  Ben programs a few early detours through some of the best episodes, including “Blink” and the two-part “Silence in the Library”/ “Forest of the Dead.”  I’ve been in hot water with some Whovians for not starting with Series One, which featured Christopher Eccleston in his only collection of episodes.  Having gone back to it, though, I question whether I would have made it to Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor.

Brian started Gallidays in June of 2014.  On February 2nd, it reached record participation with 80+ attendees.  Did I mention James Corden was there?  (He’s the star of February’s episode “The Lodger”, “Into the Woods” and the newest host for “The Late Late Show.”)  Brian’s done giveaways as well as photo and costume contests.  He even organized a toy drive benefitting Children’s Hospital LA.

Toy Drive - smaller

So if you live in the Los Angeles area and you’re free on March 2nd, c’mon up to District Pub at 5249 Lankershim Boulevard and enjoy a few drinks with “The Bells of Saint John.”

Trust me, I’m the Doctor.

doctor thumbs

* The show went on hiatus between 1989 and 2005, and the newest block of seasons are actually called series.